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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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I was recently playing a Western themed card game called High Noon Saloon with my friends. At various points, I couldn't help but start singing "The Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon" from the Hartnell story "The Gunfighters." My friends were so intrigued that we spent most of New Year's Eve watching "The Gunfighters" and making up new verses to the song.
I hate that song with a passion. Nice to know that some people like it.
They're an odd, unconventional group of reluctant Doctor Who fans. Odd because they also like Sylvester McCoy's question mark jumper. Reluctant because they've had my copy of the 4th season of the new series for nearly a year now and have yet to watch any of it. (They keep getting caught in an endless loop of old DVDs of Murder She Wrote, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Scarecrow & Mrs. King, Scooby-Doo, and Soap.)

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The cook, in a couple of instances sang out Holly from Red Dwarf to me, and the prissy Guard with the straight across bangs reminded me of Peter Davison a couple of times for some reason.
Speaking of random actors reminding me of other random actors, for a long time, I was convinced that one of the craven bureaucrats from "The Silurians" was the same actor that played Lister's Paranoia in the Red Dwarf episode "Confidence & Paranoia."

But they're different. Dr. Lawrence in "The Silurians" was played by Peter Miles, who also played Professor Whitaker in "Invasion of the Dinosaurs" & Nyder in "Genesis of the Daleks." Meanwhile, Lister's Paranoia was played by Lee Cornes, who made one of his earliest TV appearances on Doctor Who as the Trickster in "Kinda."

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It's also interesting that Davros is referred to as a Kaled despite his radically different appearance. The fact that he is confined to a chair and has the use of only one arm suggests that he was involved in some king of accident. Hopefully more information will be given about him in future serials since I know he did not actually die at the end of Genesis.
As has been mentioned, they never really go into his backstory on the TV series. But the audios are fantastic. I'm particularly fond of Terry Molloy (Davros during the Davison, C. Baker, & McCoy years) in the Colin Baker audio "Davros." There's something very broken in that man's soul that makes him so evil. Ironically, that inability to be anything but pure evil makes me pity him somewhat.

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The Dominators - Stupid name for Invaders to be called, LOL.
I love the whole thing about how the lead Dominator is always being foiled by his own henchman because his henchman is a sadistic idiot more interested in blowing up random shit than he is in actually completing their mission.

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I also liked the idea of making the surviving copy of the Mona Lisa one of the supposed fakes. It would be interesting to see this referenced in the new series.
Agreed. I was almost expecting some reference to this when we saw the Mona Lisa in the alien museum in "The Girl Who Waited." Like, the Doctor asks Rory to set the sonic screwdriver on x-ray scan. Rory reads, "This is a fake." The Doctor mutters, "Oh, I guess that means it's the real one." "Come again?" "Long story. Anyway..."

I just finished the E-Space trilogy. I have very mixed feelings on it. Adric is kind of annoying. More annoying than Wesley Crusher but less annoying than Turlough. Romana is super sexy. Tom Baker seems obviously bored.

"Full Circle."
I like the design of the Marsh Men. And the ideas about evolution and that the ship has actually been fully operational this whole time are interesting ones. Tom Baker seems a bit more engaged in this story than he does for the rest of the trilogy.

"State of Decay."
It's an interesting premise but feels a bit too thin to be an entire 4-parter. And, considering it's a classic horror pastiche, where's Robert Holmes?

"Warrior's Gate."
I must confess I don't understand this one at all. Romana's decision to leave the TARDIS seems very abrupt. But at least it looks fantastic. The sets & models are very well done, as are the video effects, including superimposing the color actors on black & white backgrounds.
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