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Re: Crew age and nu-Trek

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Kirk in TOS was so ridiculously young for his job that they made a point of it in the writers guide.
What they wrote in the writer's guide doesn't matter. They could've had a good chip dip recipe in there too.

What we saw on screen was a 35 year-old actor depicting a character who was never noted for being a particularly young captain. What we are shown on screen implied a man who was a decade older than his Junior Officers. Consider the conversation McCoy and Kirk have about Lt. Bailey and how Kirk is pushing him because he reminds him of the young man who was so many years ago.

He certainly does not seem like an old-man, but he doesn't seem wet behind the ears either. He seems like a Hornblower-type, an ambitious and capable officer, not too young for the job, but not delayed in the career ruts of less glorified officers. Consider, for example, that one can get a four-year-degree in four years, and compare that to the reality where most people do it in 5 1/2 or more. Kirk is one of those guys who gets it done in four.

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What, you didn't notice that every other starship commander we saw in the series - other than Pike, the proto-Kirk - was greying? Tracey, Wesley, Decker...
Proto-Kirk or not Pike is another example of a Starfleet Captain of the sort who would command a ship like the Enterprise.

And Kirk was much more often running into Commodores and other guys who could pull rank to enhance dramatic tension. Decker was a Commodore, so he should be a few years older.

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As for Chekov - it's just a movie.
Of course it is just a movie. What does this have to do with anything?

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Chekov is Chekov, that's why he's there. This kind of hair-splitting is like the old joke about the historian who tried to prove that Hamlet wasn't written by William Shakespeare, but by another guy named William Shakespeare.
I know, it's like fans of franchises enjoy talking about these stories in detail or something. It's like they could fill entire forums with threads dedicated to facts that non-fans don't care about. If you ever run into a board like that, I suggest that you flee!
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