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Re: Star Ship Polaris

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Multiple background ships will be required for both the United Worlds and Transhuman Authority fleets. I thought I'd go ahead and do some development sheets, or "ideations" as they are sometimes called, for both sets of ships. Here's a batch for the THA, a.k.a. the Bad Guys:

If you had to pick three of these to develop further, which ones would they be?
I think that design number 1, 5, 6, and maybe 3 are the ones I like the best, and I see these as designs that a rebellious upstart faction, which as far as I know it, the Transhuman Authority would be.

I see many of vessels of the Transhuman Authority as being a fleet similar to the Confederacy of Independent Systems/Separatist Alliance, with most warships having their beginnings as freighters and transports. The THA didn't have many resources for brand new vessels like the United Worlds navy, though they probably did try (and their degrees of success probably will depend of the decisions of the producers).

Big, long ships, with tons of space for adding weapons and armor and shield generators would probably be amongst the mainstays of the THA fleet, even at the waning of the war.

The reason I like the look of option 1 is the almost-but-not-quite rocket ship look. I'm picturing sausage shaped battleships with maybe drive sections towards the rear that look like they have a relationship to the Polaris's engines, but on a much bigger scale, and from the front to the middle, there is a lineup of turret after turret, with the curve of the hull being used to give the turrets a better line of sight, so when they are pointed straight forward, they still have a clear line of sight.
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