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Re: Missing episode recoveries history

Part two: later recoveries, generally from outside the BBC.

1978 (137 missing episodes): The War Machines 2 returned by Australian collector; The Web of Fear 1 returned from Hong Kong TV station (though it's possible that a copy of this may have already existed at the Film Library, but had been missed during cataloguing, as it was apparently in existence in 1976).
1981 (136 missing episodes): Death to the Daleks 1 returned from BBC Canada (along with colour copies of many other Pertwee episodes). At this point Doctor Who Monthly publishes a list of the missing episodes, attracting more attention to the subject.
1982 (134 missing episodes): The Abominable Snowmen 2 and The Reign of Terror 6 recovered by fans.
1983 (131 missing episodes): Invasion of the Dinosaurs 1 recovered by fans (completing the Pertwee era); The Dalek Masterplan 5&10 located in the basement of 'a Mormon Church in Clapham' (well, that's what was reported at the time).
1984 (120 missing episodes): The Celestial Toymaker 4 returned by ABC Australia (though it apparently originated with RTS Singapore); The Wheel in Space 3 recovered by fans; The Time Meddler and The War Machines found complete at a Nigerian TV station (but not returned till 1985 due to a diplomatic incident); The Reign of Terror 1-3 found at a Cyprus TV station.
1987 (118 missing episodes): The Faceless Ones 2 and Evil of the Daleks 2 returned by private collector.
1988 (114 missing episodes): The Ice Warriors 1,4,5&6 found during a final clear out as BBC Enterprises leaves their old offices at Villiers House (initially it had been thought that 2,4,5&6, plus Fury from the Deep 6 had been found, until the actual films were checked, rather than the labels on the cans).
1992 (110 missing episodes): The Tomb of the Cybermen returned by Asia TV Hong Kong.
1999 (109 missing episodes): The Crusade 1 returned by New Zealand film collector.
2003 (108 missing episodes): The Dalek Masterplan 2 returned by retired film technician.
2011 (106 missing episodes): Galaxy 4 pt 3 and The Underwater Menace 2 returned by retired film technician.
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