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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Kind of figures seeing as he also skipped some of the most memorable episodes entirely.
While it's true he skipped some of the funniest and best written and important and most memorable episodes of the show's run, and it's even hypothetically true he might have liked at least some of them, it's clear he just didn't care for Farscape so it's kind of irrelevant as to whether or not he saw them. He watched over a quarter of the series and wasn't impressed, that's not a view that would have likely changed.
I was impressed by some stuff. I liked the premise and most of the main characters. The Pilot/Aeryn stuff especially was always good (which probably explains why my favorite episode is The Way We Weren't). John, D'Argo, Zhaan and Rygel were usually good. While Crais's motivation was a bit weak in the beginning, he was somewhat interesting and could have been a good main villain (heck, atleast his motivation made sense, unlike Scorpius). So, some of the show did impress me, and I liked it well enough. If it had continued like it was in the early days, it could have easily been a show I loved. But, they went a different route, where annoying characters and annoying cliches were the focus. Also, maybe its because I get annoyed a bit when people say the episodes I skipped were "good", but now I wish I had watched The Princess trilogy, just so that people would stop acting like its the most amazing thing ever and I was wrong not to watch it. I read an indepth summary, its one cliche stretched over three episodes, with John also becoming a statue because....well, just because, as far as I can tell. Its fine if you like it, but I could name a number of episodes I did watch that were much more worthy of being watched.

Also, I really hope that when you say I skipped the

Kegg wrote:
funniest and best written and important and most memorable episodes of the show's run
that atleast you weren't including Won't Get Fooled Again in that (I'd also argue that The Princess Trilogy/WGFA were in no way important overall, since I got 15 episodes farther than the Trilogy, and it was never brought up, not even once, in any of the episodes). The clips I've seen are enough for me to say that WGFA would have made me hate life. I hate humor like it was doing (not that I'd really call it "humor", since it was about as funny as a rock to the head). Did you see the weird sexual scene with Nurse Aeryn and creepy Zhaan and Chiana? That clip is one of the worst things I ever saw involving Farscape, and that is saying something. WGFA was neither important, nor well written. I will say that it was memorable, but thats not always a good thing.

I know I should just start ignoring the Farscape conversation, I'm probably only succeeding in getting annoyed and annoying people, but The Princess Trilogy and WGFA are sore spots for me. I don't care if people complain that I skipped something like Beware of Dog. But, I just don't understand the love for a trilogy that is based off a cliche that has been done in almost every TV show with a love interest in history. That doesn't mean I'll ever watch it (I'm slightly curious, but I have better ways of using my time, like watching grass grow), but its confusing how many people defend stuff like that. I've never said its wrong if other people like those episodes I skipped, I just get fed up with people saying I missed "The Best Episodes EVAR" with the Princess Trilogy. Also, I DID like a lot of parts of Farscape, and it had potential. In the end I gave up, but good writers could have easily made it a good show. I don't hate it, and its not like it didn't have some very good parts. It just declined until watching it felt like a waste of time, and that everything good had been abandoned.

I've been putting off B5 because the upcoming episodes (There All the Honor Lies, And Now for A Word and In The Shadow of Z'ha'dum) make it seem like the season is going to hit a rough patch for a few episodes just based off the summarires, but I'll probably start watching later today, if for no other reason than to get past the Farscape stuff. Also, just incase someone asks/says something, unlike Farscape I never skip B5 episodes because, even if they aren't great (I can count on less than one hand how many episodes so far in the series have actually been outright bad, B5 has been pretty consistently good so far) they're atleast important, unlike a lot of the bad Farscape episodes. Not that I expect the next few episodes to be bad, its just that their summaries (especially There Are the Honor Lies) does not fill me with confidence.
There All The Honor Lies - The merchandising part of the story, yes, is mostly fluff, but, there's some good humor, but, The Minbari stuff is great, IMHO.

And Now For a Word, I think is very good

In The Shadow of Zhadum - is excellent and unveils some important pieces of the Mythology
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