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Re: Sy Fy cancels Alphas

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I don't remember an unresolved cliffhanger for The Dead Zone. I remember something low-key, but not unresolved. I could be wrong though, since I had long since lost interest in the show and was just riding it out at that point.
They did wrap up the season's arcs, but ended it in a way that introduced some major new complications and problems, particularly

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SGU and Carica, I thought their endings were quite sufficient as Series finales, though I would definitely have liked to have seen them continue.
I agree about SGU, but less so about Caprica. Not that it wouldn't have been interesting to see the story continue, but I think the pilot and one season were successful at revealing the backstory of the human-Cylon conflict, so I feel the saga is complete as it is. Maybe some worthwhile stuff could've been filled in, but it didn't need to be. (And the Blood and Chrome pilot about the First Cylon War is a complete waste. It's mostly just action and spectacle and inconsistently convincing virtual sets, with a boring lead character and a thoroughly unpleasant second lead and a storyline that doesn't add anything new or surprising to the saga.)

Farscape was the really, really cruel Cliff hanger cancellation. Thank God we got Peacekeeper Wars, finally or Bad Timing (Talk about ironic title) would still be stuck in my craw with hatred
Actually I would've been satisfied if "Bad Timing" had been the end. I mean, Farscape never did anything conventionally, and the characters were always bouncing from one insane crisis to the next. I would've been happy with an ending that made it clear their wacky and bizarre adventures would continue. It would've been fitting. Kind of like one of those "Well, here we go again!" endings you often see in cartoons or sitcoms.
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