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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

kirk55555 wrote:
To me, Farscape is a show that had a lot of potential that was ruined by bad characters and writing that was all over the place. There were some excellent episodes (like The Way We Weren't) and characters/ideas. There were also horrible episodes, characters and ideas. Those elements were becoming the majority of the episode, so I stopped watching.
At least you gave Farscape a shot unlike countless people who would dismiss it outright for containing muppets or some other superficial feature.

kirk55555 wrote:
I've been putting off B5 because the upcoming episodes (There All the Honor Lies, And Now for A Word and In The Shadow of Z'ha'dum) make it seem like the season is going to hit a rough patch for a few episodes just based off the summarires, but I'll probably start watching later today, if for no other reason to get pass the Farscape stuff.
What you do need to do however is STOP reading summaries on wikipedia and basing opinions on episodes solely on them, instead just watch the next episode preview on the DVD, watch the episode then form your own opinion.
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