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Re: Worst lines of dialogue in the entire series?

Josan wrote: View Post
Yeah, well, GR was something of a swine. I've never understood the hero worship.
Well, it kind of went down like this: we didn't know he was a swine until the late 1990s. The memoirs and biographies after GR's death shed light on his failings in a way that would have been impossible when he was alive.

It's not over-stating the case that in the 1970s, some fans thought of TOS as deeply spiritual. GR, as creator, became a near-prophet.

It went to his head, I think, and wasn't good for him professionally nor personally.

It was really evident by TNG. By then Star Trek had become "Gene's Vision." It all had to have his personal stamp of approval (or that of his attorney). He went so far as to intentionally make TNG unrealistically devoid of interpersonal conflict.

TNG sucked while GR actively produced it. It wasn't until he essentially retired that it got better.

At the time, it was the culmination of decades of hero-worship. We didn't really know the gory details until after he died. They just couldn't tell the stories while he was alive, and now that Majel's passed as well, even more stories can be told.

What will be really interesting is if Grace Lee Whitney ever divulges the name of the "executive" she claims sexually assaulted her. I have a hunch it was GR.

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