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Post-"Yesterday's Enterprise" events and entanglements

Has a complete unfolding of events prior to the Enterprise-C coming from 2344 into 2366 been discussed in Trek literature, or of what occurred after they returned to 2344 after encountering the Enterprise-D and resumed battle with the Romulans?

Reading some comments in Trek Tech have led me to thinking about the episode and some questions come to mind. Surely these have been asked before, probably several times, and surely been answered somewhere in Trek literature, if not spoken about directly in this forum. I posed a few of these in Trek Tech as part of the time-travel discussion but thought I would just ask directly in Trek Lit. I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction.

(1) Was it ever determined, whether on-screen or in Trek literature, if the Enterprise-C was completely destroyed by the Romulans at Narendra 3? Or was the ship either captured or salvaged? I know that Yar bartered herself in return for the lives of the survivors, but not HOW they survived or how many of the one hundred-ish that had made it to 2366 survived the confrontation with the Romulans when they came back to 2344.

(2) If the C was indeed captured or salvaged, was it ever determined if the Romulans discovered that the ship had indeed been to their future and returned? I would imagine the ship's chronometers would have been off by however many hours it spent in 2366...

(3) Were the C survivors that Yar traded herself for repatriated to the Federation at some point? Or, like the Khitomer survivors Worf found in the TNG episode, were they left to live their lives on a remote planet?

(4) Though clearly the ship was in shit shape when it emerged from the rift in 2366 and they got it fixed up enough before sending it back to 2344 to fight back, why did the crew of the Ent-D not arm it with more powerful 2366-period photon torpedoes? In fact, it stands to reason that after 20+ years of warfare with the Klingons, the phasers and torpedos of the alternate-Enterprise-D in 2366 would even be more powerful than those of the original timeline Ent-D. If the purpose of the C going back was to fight and win in order to prevent the Klingon-Federation war of the next 20+ years, after all, why would the D not do everything that it could to make sure the C won that lopsided battle against four Romulan warbirds?

It also occurs to me that at some point the Romulans discovered they had a future-history Tasha Yar in their possession and would have interrogated her for all she knew in terms of history (though clearly it had changed, certainly she would have some valuable insights) and technology...thereby giving the Romulans of 2344 somewhat of an advantage over the Federation and the Klingons of that time. All we know of Yar is that Sela told Picard she was executed when Sela was a small child, but I don't know that it's ever been told in Trek literature of what Yar went through between the time of the events of "Yesterday's Enterprise" and when the Romulan general who was Sela's father took Yar into his protection and begat Sela...or any interrogations that may have occurred between Sela's birth and Yar's death.

(Come to think of do we really know that Yar is indeed dead? Considering Sela's manipulations and deceit over the years, could Yar's "death" have been a way to explain to a young Sela why her mother was no longer in her life, while her father transferred Yar over to the loving arms of the Tal Shiar for mind-sifting in return for some political advantage?)

I realize this has probably already been written of, or talked to death in this forum in times past, but I'd be interested in hearing some thoughts on these matters.
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