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Re: Best Novels, Comics, etc. Set Between TOS Season 3 and ST:TMP?

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There's also the "problem" of several books and comics each taking place immediately or shortly after "Turnabout Intruder", representing the end of the 5YM. The Lost Years and DC Comics' "Final Mission" are two examples, but both great stories in and of themselves.
Neither of those books specifically claimed to be shortly after "Turnabout Intruder." Indeed, The Lost Years is very explicitly not, since it's a continuation of the supporting-character arcs from J.M. Dillard's previous three ST novels, and also references the events of Diane Carey's Dreadnought! as having occurred sometime before.

Conversely, Assignment: Eternity is said to occur right after "Turnabout," but never claims anything about being at the end of the 5YM. The only work of tie-in fiction I recall that was explicitly both right after "Turnabout" and right at the end of the 5YM was a Strange New Worlds 10 story, "Empty" by David DeLee.

The Okuda Chronology also claimed the 5YM ended shortly after "Turnabout," dismissing TAS and the novels, but its conjectural chronology (which ended the 5YM in 2269) was superseded by VGR: "Q2"'s canonical assertion that the mission ended in 2270.

Really, the best thing to do is to pick up a TOS novel that seems interesting to you, or pretty much any of the DC comics with the crew in their TOS uniforms, and not try to find one specifically set at the end of the 5YM.
There aren't very many DC comics set during the 5YM era. Mostly they were in the post-TWOK era, fitting in between the movies. The first DC series ("Volume 1") only had three fill-in issues set during the 5YM, #30 (with a movie-era frame), #38, and the final issue #56 -- and the first two were pretty lame. Also, #33 was a 20th-anniversary story that used time travel to cross over the TV-era and movie-era crews. Vol. 2 only visited the 5YM era once in its first 57 issues (the fill-in #16 by J. Michael Straczynski), but then did a 3-issue flashback to Chekov's first mission within a movie-era frame in #58-60, then a 5YM-era 2-parter and a second-pilot-era one-shot in #62-64, and then with #73 it abandoned the movie era completely and did: a 3-parter spanning Kirk and Carol Marcus's relationship from the Academy to the end of the 5YM; a pre-second-pilot one-shot; and a 4-part arc in the 5YM era, which was probably going to be the new status quo if the series hadn't ended with #80. Oh yeah, and the TOS half of DC's The Modala Imperative miniseries had a 5YM setting as well.

So if you want comics set during the 5YM, you'd be better off looking for titles from IDW, TokyoPop, and Wildstorm -- or going back to the zany Gold Key ones from the '60s and '70s.

It's easier to pinpoint books set between TMP and TWOK, or between TFF and TUC.
But there aren't very many of either. Especially the latter category. That's basically just Probe, In the Name of Honor, most of The Rift and Captain's Table: War Dragons, and Excelsior: Forged in Fire. Plus most of DC's Volume 2, as mentioned above.
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