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Re: Sy Fy cancels Alphas

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A few months back, after watching the whole thing on Netflix, I found a description of what Season 2 would have been, and it sounds like it would have been really crazy.

Turns out the site is gone, but I did save the PDF of the season 2 plan if anyone who watched the show is interested.
Yea, I saved the PDF myself, when you provided the second link in my thread, since the first link dried up. It definitely sounded like an excellent expansion on the Series, even though Season 1 ends quite satisfactorily on it's own.

SGU and Carica, I thought their endings were quite sufficient as Series finales, though I would definitely have liked to have seen them continue. Sanctuary too, was a sufficient Series Finale, but, it definitely left me wanting a S5 in the new Sanctuary

Farscape was the really, really cruel Cliff hanger cancellation. Thank God we got Peacekeeper Wars, finally or Bad Timing (Talk about ironic title) would still be stuck in my craw with hatred
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