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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Those are all good episodes, although I'd add probably Believers and subtract Mind War. What weighs them down however is most of the rest of the season. B5 was just a difficult show to get into and appreciate the damn point of doing so when going through season one.
I find the first season to be better in retrospect than on first viewing. I remember when it first aired, Soul Hunters and Born to the Purple literally put me to sleep. If I'd watched Infection the following week then that would probably have been the third strike and out. Luckily I missed it and subsequent episodes were better.

On subsequent viewings, Soul Hunters and Born to the Purple have always seemed better than my initial viewing, largely because you know how aspects of those stories relate to the wider arc.

Which raises another point I guess - you can't really just watch B5 once. Once you've seen the show through once, it's fun to go back and look out for all the foreshadowing that you missed the first time around.
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