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Re: Authors You'd Like to See Write Trek...

I asked this once before (a year ago i think):

Anyway, from other tie-in writers, I would love prose by Black Library staple writers Dan Abnett and Aaron Dempski-Bowen (both of whom do rather deep and deconstructive things with the IPs they work with).

From the genre world,

* Neil Gaiman,
* Gene Wolfe,
* Patrick Rothfuss (author of The Name of the Wind),
* Ursula LeGuin (in an alternate 80s, especially because of the admittedly flawed Left Hand of Darkness),
* Scott Lynch (author of the Lies of Locke Lamora), Ian MacLeod and Iain Banks.

I am completely aware these writers are all male (with the exception of LeGuin), and white. This is a problem: I don't read enough outsider genre fiction. As an art historian, this is bad.

From outwith,

* Zadie Smith (especially because of the brilliant White Teeth)
* "Luther Blisset" (for their novel Q)
* The wonderful Sheila Heti (author of How Should a Person Be?)
* And many, many other writers mentioned in the culture sections of the Guardian, New Yorker and other places.

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