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Re: How many transporter rooms on TOS Enterprise?

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The more I've studied that graphic, the more i'm convinced that that's just way too much floor space devote to turbolifts. Especially in the neck! Why??? Answer: it looks suitably tech-y for the one shot it's in.
I concur. I really did consider using it for the TOS Enterprise deck plan project, but already putting the engineering hull airlock elevators into their corresponding positions proved to be extremely difficult (I think they'd be running through Kirk's and McCoy's provisional Season One window cabins on E-Deck 12).

And than there's the turboshaft where the intermix chamber "coil" should be feeding the impulse deflection crystal with energy to "boil" up the impulse fuel for larger thrust, add to this it's horizontal-vertical-horizontal-vertical to travel to the bridge while in "By Any Other Name" the cab movement was definitely horizontal and then vertical until they arrived on the bridge (suggesting a diagonal turbo shaft connecting the engineering hull with the saucer hull).

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