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Re: Am I the only one who loves SGU?

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But then you get into the stupidity of everyone accepting blindly that some complete stranger is their loved one. Esepcially when you realize that conjugal visits were the norm for stone swaps.
I don't recall Eli ever having sex!

Or Scott for that matter.

Either way, I agree. The only person we saw having serious issues accepting that her loved one was in another body was Eli's mom, who was shown to be not exactly level headed to begin with. Allowing the crew to have sex while inhabiting another person's body was obviously done for dramatic sake. Ignoring the obvious question of possible disease and pregnancy (seriously, judge! It is my kid, but when she got pregnant my body was taken over by someone in another galaxy!), we saw how awkward it was to have the connection interrupted mid sex!

It was cool that they showed what would happen if someone didn't want to return to their body, or found out that their body now has a healthy dose of radiation poisoning. Overall, I felt like the stones were a good idea, but kind of which they, along with the disconnected from loved ones motif were used far far more on Atlantis with that show taking a more dramatic turn instead of being cancelled for another series.

Don't get me wrong - I really liked SGU - but it seemed like wasted potential to cancel one show for another with virtually the same premise (lost crew on alien city/vessel in another galaxy) just to have a more dramatic style.
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