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Re: I am going Down Under!

Hello everyone!

I am already in Brisbane! I've been here for two days and it seems lovely. I find it very hard to find a place to stay though, as everyone is waiting for the new wave of students in a few weeks and doesn't want to lease for only 3 months...

Interestingly enough, I have not met many Australians yet! Most people in the University and out in the shops seem to be of Asian origin. I remember this being the case in New Zealand as well. Where are all the Australians hidden???

Public transport seems expensive indeed, as someone mentioned above. Sadly, once again, three months is a short time to consider getting a car. And I am so not used to not having one around!

Anyway, things seem very nice (except that it is too hot! - and that's coming from a Greek person...). I hope I 'll have some time to see stuff outside the city as well, I wouldn't want to miss that opportunity.

Thanks for the suggestions. Keep them coming!
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