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Re: most "wrong" episode...

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A good episode is one in which both sides of a moral issue can be intelligently defended. "Dear Doctor" does not qualify. Phlox's position is based on religious dogma, pure and simple. Dogma that's especially appalling coming from a medical doctor. There's no logical reason he wouldn't apply those beliefs to any and every patient.

"Bat'leth to the gut? Sorry pal. If you were dumb enough to piss off that Klingon, you deserve to die. Evolution."

yep, also, Phlox is the same guy who was perfectly fine with transporting a slug from its natural environment and dropping it off on an entirely new planet!!! But he won't "interfere with evolution" when it comes to saving billions of sentient beings.

One of the "heroes," ladies and gentlemen-he cares more about a slug than a sentient civilization.
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