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Re: MLP:FiM S3E10 - "Keep Calm and Flutter On" Grading & Discussion

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Yeah, it was a bit rushed although I didn't find it really implausible. This was probably the first time someone trusted him and was nice to him and he grew to like it and then missed it when he was about to lose it. But the story would have benefitted from getting more time, that's true.
Yeah, as it stands I have to give this one a low "B." It was good but the premise was better than the execution, I think. There was a lot of needless and repetitious exposition that took time away from characterization that could have made the whole thing more plausible. It honestly surprised me, as up until now Polsky has been very good at writing natural-sounding conversations. A lot of the exchanges in this one were very clumsy.

Still, there was plenty to like here: good premise, good gags, lots of Q references, and interesting possibilities for the future with a good guy Discord.

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If we'd had an hour, we would have seen a lot more of Fluttershy's Friendship Boot Camp.
"What do I have to do to prove to you that I'm willing and able to change?"

"Banish yourself to the moon!"
My one other wish for the episode: an explicit Deja Q shout-out. "So Rainbow Dash, eaten any good books lately?" Oh well.
Unfortunately, stabbing with a fork, showing up naked (difficult when nobody wears clothes on a regular basis) and telling a character to die are not acceptable for children's programming.

ETA: I have a humorous image now. Discord, Pinkie and Dash joining forces in the most epic prank war Ponyville has ever known.

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