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Re: TNG: The Body Electric by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Christopher wrote: View Post
That's an incredibly insensitive and cavalier way of thinking about the needs of a crew of 150 people in dire straits. Of course it wouldn't be remotely that simple.
Well watching season one they seem to get over being stranded pretty quickly

And no, I don't think people having to "get over" not murdering someone to bring their buddies back is that cavalier, rather the reverse

Markonian wrote: View Post
To bring the topic back full circle - isn't that what David Mack did in this trilogy? Sacrificing Soong sen. for Soong jun. (why doesn't Data carry the surname, anyway?), sacrificing Data's inamorata for his daughter.
Sort of, although no-one is ever in the position Janeway is in. Soong does the job himself, and data has a true no-win scenario. Worf's girlfriend dying seeming to finally get worf back in starfleets good graces from that time he put family over mission was a rather nice touch(need to recheck that and make sure I got the order right).
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