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Re: Best Novels, Comics, etc. Set Between TOS Season 3 and ST:TMP?

It doesn't make any sense to hold TAS's inconsistent stardates against it, since TOS's stardates were almost as random, and TNG's first-season stardates were pretty random too aside from the first two digits.

After all, the whole point of stardates, originally, was to convey no real chronological information of any kind. The producers of TOS wanted to keep its timeframe ambiguous, so they deliberately made the time references meaningless placeholders, basically a numerical lorem ipsum. So the fact that they don't convey a consistent meaning shouldn't be held against them when they were never meant to in the first place.

As for the original question, it's rather broad, because the vast majority of TOS novels ever published are theoretically set in the final two years of the 5-year mission. You might as well just ask for the best TOS novels. Although there is, of course, a divide between the eleventy gazillion books and comics set in the last two years of the mission and the smattering set in the interregnum when Kirk was an admiral and Spock was pursuing Kolinahr.
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