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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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What are the chances that Kryptonian battle armour so closely resembles superhero comic book costumes! Wow!
Exactly, I prefer the explanation that Ma Kent made the costume out of Clarks baby blankets, that way it still has a kryptonian origin but it's not something silly like a skintight, colorful body armour with a cape. A tight armor made with kryptonian technology is fine in theory, but why a cape? What's its purpose?
Superman doesn't need an armor, so why the need to explain the costume as a armor (except to be able to show a bunch of Kryptonians in Superman suits)? The baby blankets with the seal of his kryptonian family are just as much a connection to Krypton and it actually makes sense for Lara and Jor-El to put them in the spaceship.
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