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Re: Is the NX 01 one of the better ships (aesthetically)?

^ I also agree with you. I like the NX-01 a lot. As you said, streamlined and rugged and I liked the surface details of the hull. I also appreciate how the guys designing the ship for the show took some inspiration from the WWII P-38 Lightning fighter!

I grew up with the Original 1701 and it is probably my favorite, I will admit, for just that reason. She looked elegant, yet powerful to me. Although I grew to appreciate the 1701D over time, she originally looked top-heavy and bulky with nacelles that were too small. When I first saw voyager, all I could think of was a lady's shoe turned upside down with nacelles added. Excelsior class looked like a tank. E looks like it means serious business, for sure, but I still like NX-01 and NCC 1701 better.

As I said, I have grown to appreciate all these ships after my initial sometimes negative reactions to them, so I am not hating on any of the designs now!

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