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Re: Uhura replacing McCoy/Bones?

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Worrying about the accretion of lore from hundreds of hours of films past is what made Trek progressively uninteresting to folks at large and brought the franchise to a dead halt. I'm quite happy they made it as they did, playing for a new audience rather than playing to the small audience of hardcore Trek fans who care about such minutia.
Quite so.

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Plus, while I would prefer the finger touch, it's the fact that the scene goes on for as long as it does that is my main issue. It showed the characters as too self-indulgent - an unintentional theme that runs through the whole movie in fact.
Every single emotional scene that takes place in a movie right before something is about to potentially blow up is self indulgent.
And if we were to excise every film that includes such a scene from the vast collection of films in the world--the remaining list would be rather short.
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