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Re: Uhura replacing McCoy/Bones?

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Worrying about the accretion of lore from hundreds of hours of films past is what made Trek progressively uninteresting to folks at large and brought the franchise to a dead halt. I'm quite happy they made it as they did, playing for a new audience rather than playing to the small audience of hardcore Trek fans who care about such minutia.
While it's a valid point about lore overall, I don't thnk it applies to finger touching. It's something visual that takes all of two seconds to establish in the lift - they touch fingers just before Uhura leaves - it really, really isn't that confusing - he's a touch telepath - that is established in the movie as well. And once again, the point is not about the minutia - it's about the characters, a degree of realism even within a fantasy franchise, and the general approach to schmaltz in Hollywood.

The scene with Han and Leia in Empire Strikes back was just about perfection as far as timing and emotion was concerned. The scene in NuTrek dragged at a time of crisis. Or at least that was my perception.
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