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Re: American Comedy Vs. British Comedy "TV"

Those show tell great stories and have fantastic characters but half of them are very rarely funny. I'm surprised It ain't 'alf 'ot mum, Hidey Hi or You Rang MiLord made the list or the original Adrien Mole? (Isn't Sue Pollard just lovely?)

Although if my ageism can spring up again those shows were reruns in my childhood.

White Van Man is hilarious, and Miranda is the funniest sitcom in the universe, and the Thick of It makes Frazier look like a monkey hammering at the typeface with his penis... Which translated into Americanese well with the movie In the Loop which followed through with the new Julia Lewis-Dreyfuss project "Veep" which is a yank britcom if ever I saw one... But then that's exactly what Episodes is with Stephen Madigan and Tasman Grieg from Green Room are matching wits against Matt LeBlanc all too successfully... Black Books!!!

How the hell can there be a list of the funniest (just the beeb? meh?) britcoms with out Space coming up? EVERYBODY loves Simon Pegg! ... Shit even that was something that happened last century.

I suppose the list isn't like a Dead Sea Scroll completely since the Vicar of Dibley is only 20 years old, but Dawn doesn't have that many tricks, and she's really the runt of the Comic Strip Presents litter and Jennifer Saunders carried for for years... Puns unintended. Sorry.

Even Inbetweeners which I still assume is new, finished 3 or 4 years ago if you don't count the movie.

That list is ridiculously narrow made for people who only watched tv as children or 50 years ago.

Has any one ever seen How not to Live your Life?

Any episode of that is funnier than Frank Spenser falling down ten toilets... And I'm quite enjoying Not going out even if it did cheat by having Miranda Hart on board for two seasons.
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