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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

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Read More's "Utopia" for a fairly accurate description of how a society without money or private property would need to operate.
Yes, let's read Sir Thomas More's book Utopia stall we?

The Utopians have slaves.

It is a serious crime to discuss any political business in private or public, these matters can only legally be discussed in the government assembly.

Families can be broken up by the Utopian government and reassembled (as the government sees fit) to address population distribution problems.

All of Utopia's 54 cities have exactly the same cultural practices, customs, and language. There is no diversity.

Individual and private activities are discouraged. Activities (like eating) are to be parts of the communal life.

Privacy is basically forbidden (certainly unobtainable), doors can not locked or even latched. All buildings and rooms are accessible to any person.

There's no private property.

Premarital sex is illegal and severely punished.

People found to have committed repeated adultery are put to death.

The Utopians employ a neighboring people (the Zapoletes) as mercenaries for their wars, partially because the Utopians find these people moral inferior and want to "use them up."


What a charming people. Let's base the Federation on their society.


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