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Re: The Wheel of Time

I've just finished reading the last page of the last book. As expected, it was a relief and a little disappointing. Relief that the series was given a proper ending. Disappointing because I felt Brandon Sanderson didn't do a good job with the finale. It was a totally passionless account of Tarman Gai'don that could have been condensed into:

I suppose this is the best possible outcome given that Robert Jordan is dead and Brandon Sanderson inherited a pile of characters he has no investment in. As a result, there were no heroic send-offs even for characters who have been with us from book one. There was no poignant epilogue. It was like Lord of the Rings without Bilbo sailing to the Undying Lands, Harry Potter without seeing Harry, Hermione or Ron's kids in the future.

There were a couple of loose ends that were never tidied up. The one that stands out the most for me is the prophecy about the Tinkers and their search for the song.
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