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Now what the hell is going on in the DS9 battles at the end of the series when it appears almost every ship but the Defiant has no shields...I have no idea.
At one point in the final arc, the Breen have a weapon that drains all power from ships. The Klingons are able to develop a defense after a disastrous battle that requires adjusting their engines, but it doesn't work for the Federation and Romulans.
I think he's also referring to earlier episodes like "Favor the Bold"/"Sacrifice of Angels" and "Tears of the Prophets" in which ships are constantly blown up left and right with the Defiant always left relatively intact.

Hell, I think it started with "The Way of the Warrior" where we see Klingon Bird-of-Preys suddenly explode after being hit by a single phaser blast fired from DS9 (the station must have had pretty powerful phaser banks at this point!).

I think it was a variation of the Every Car Is A Pinto trope :
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