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Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Started a new game on Classic difficulty.... and I'm stunned at how horribly difficult it is! In 4 missions, I've already lost 8 soldiers with 4 more being completely useless for most of the time due to injuries. I'm going to be going into my next mission with 4 soldiers that I just hired because none of my "veterans" are alive or available. I don't think I've landed a single shot where I had a better than 63% chance of hitting. Lots of 75%+ shots missed.

I lost the first Slingshot mission, so I'm not sure if the remaining missions will be available to me or not. The stupid bastard I was escorting panicked when one of my guys died and ran right through a reaction shot (speaking of which, I don't think the aliens have missed a single reaction shot yet while I've missed every single one. WTF, mate?!?).
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