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Re: Worst lines of dialogue in the entire series?

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Captain Tracy ~ "Horrifically offensive?" I don't think so.
ATOZ - The quotes were used to indicate that was not my personal feeling, but of other posts above mine - mostly citing the line from 'THE ENEMY WITHIN' as offensive; used an an example of reaction people are having, instead of asking why would the writers put kind of dialog in - being, one of the key points of my post.

I grabbed the 'THE CAGE' post not to illustrate that posters comment specifically, but to bring a differnt the scene in question - to make the second point of my post.

Both were drawn together to answer WHY many people feel certain dialog, or character dynamics appear "dated", or "awkward" by today's standards; when in-point-of-fact, the dialog and dynamics chosen very carefully and purposefully to make another point beyond the overtly obvious being stated on screen.

Perhaps, I might suggest you read it again in that light.

I appreciate to your post, and thank you for you input on mine.
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