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Re: Haven: Season Three (Discussion, Spoilers)

Holy Toledo. That was a Hell of a finale. The Bolt Gun Killer is the Colorado Kid's wife, we finally meet the Colorado Kid, Dave bonks Vince and Vince locks Dave up in the trunk, Audrey gets to watch her previous self have sex with Nathan, the Hunter Meteor Shower returns and pummels Haven, the barn returns, the interior of the barn is bigger on the inside and looks like an abstract 70s Sci Fi set, Audrey decides to leave with the barn, Vince turns out to be the boss of The Guard, Nathan precipitates a shoot-out that results in the deaths of the FBI guy and probably Jordan, gets himself shot, messes up whatever the barn is supposed to do, Duke gets sucked into the black hole of the barn (along with the corpse [?] of Colorado Kid's wife) and the meteor shower increases in intensity as a result. Did I miss anything?

Definitely great casting on the younger characters.
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