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Re: Does It Get Better???


I believe it should have been Hogan.

Hogan coming back from the dead and it comes to light, with us at least,that he had been sleeping with Janeway... Or does he barge his way inbetween B'Elanna and Tom is the love story of the zombie must persist.


Kim was possible.

There was a Kim corpse floating in space after Deadlock.

Of course season 2 Kim comes back as a Zombie and doesn't choke even a little as he seduces Seven becuase she is the most beautiful woman in the world and after coming back from the dead he's not really scared of her saying yes when he asks a question anymore....

Holy shit.

I know what Ashes to ashes really is.

It's a rejected script they couldn't use to bring Kes back.

Think about it.

Maybe Jennifer was given both scripts and they said "pick one".

The original Ashes to Ashes would have been about her getting back with Neelix, not starting kinky sheet games with Kim.

Jennifer was given a choice. Go batshit and kill everyone or a love story with Ethan.

That makes sense right?


What about Barge of the Dead?

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