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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Sindatur's right to an extent. I've given greater lattitude to space opera shows in the last decade and the final two Treks in particular simply because they well, exist, which is a rarity in today's TV landscape.

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I'd say it's more a case of B5's first season going from the sublime to the ridiculous tbh. And the Sky Full of Stars, Mind War, Signs & Portents, Babylon Squared, Chrysalis were far from dire.
Those are all good episodes, although I'd add probably Believers and subtract Mind War. What weighs them down however is most of the rest of the season. B5 was just a difficult show to get into and appreciate the damn point of doing so when going through season one.

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Kind of figures seeing as he also skipped some of the most memorable episodes entirely.
While it's true he skipped some of the funniest and best written and important and most memorable episodes of the show's run, and it's even hypothetically true he might have liked at least some of them, it's clear he just didn't care for Farscape so it's kind of irrelevant as to whether or not he saw them. He watched over a quarter of the series and wasn't impressed, that's not a view that would have likely changed.
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