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Re: internet campaign to restore star trek final frontier starts

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Uh, yeah, I know what the charges were. And this "humiliates the entire Admiralty" how?
I'm guessing you've never been in charge of a bunch of people? I would probably not have used an emotive word such as "humilate" but I can certainly see where Nightowl1701 is coming from. "Disappointed" may be more accurate.

Sometimes when you trust people under your command you can afford them certain privileges. When they let you down that can leave you feeling hurt. When it results in a Klingon ambassador gloating over what an ill-disciplined bunch you Starfleeters are (not to mention threatening the fragile détente you've both built up), then, yes, you might feel "humiliated".

I'm sorry, I missed your reply to my previous post.

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Obviously you've never been on a Star Trek internet bulletin board before.

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This is what people do. If you don't like it when people express opinions that are counter to your own, then perhaps you should be the one to ignore them.
I'm just trying to save your blood pressure by going over the same points again and again and again (about a film you have no love for!)
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