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Re: Basic Science Question - "fabric" of space

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Thanks for the info, Chris.

I do understand about the speed of light being a constant, independent of whether you are moving or not. And the principles of acceleration. But when you're talking about gravitational acceleration... that's where I lack understanding. There again it seems logical to say that "force" comes into play, because gravity is acting upon an object, causing it to accelerate. Is the phrase "force of gravity" obsolete but still said because it's so well worn into science? Upon the surface of the Earth, to move something there must be a force acting on it. I can appreciate that the massive sphere shape of the Earth would be responsible for shaping the effects of gravity, creating a curvature that influences object trajectory upon approach. And so "fabric" is used only as a visual cue but not suggestive of existence in the same corporeal nature. But I have been unable to visualize the actual mechanism of the cause. Have you seen any diagrams or videos that do a good job of visualizing how gravity actually works?
Maybe this will help.
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