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Re: Counselor, Please Report to The Trek BBS

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That's Major Burns, Captain!
(offtopic) I'd read that Larry came up with some the insults thrown at him in The Swamp, I wonder if 'ferret face' was his too.

EDIT: Yeah, in fact his own brother invented it.
What show is your avatar from? Gunsmoke?

They're all Skip. I think the kid is from Boys' Ranch (1946, at 15 or 16), his second film. The cowboy is from The Gunfighter (1950, 20) with Gregory Peck. The monster is where I first noticed him in The Outer Limits: Expanding Human (1964, 34), and of course, Melakon (38). He's about 6 months older than Shatner and Nimoy. I didn't include his Dr. Sevrin in case someone was already using the handle.

The idea was to give a short look at his career. I couldn't find a good picture of him from The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.
Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard: For duty and humanity! --Men in Black (1934)

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