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Re: VOY Caption this 99; Duel and Duality

KIM: Captain, there are strange anomalies appearing all over the place!
JANEWAY: Must be a Braga episode.

O'BRIEN: Where am I? What is this?
DOCTOR: Relax Miles. You're home. On Voyager.
O'BRIEN: No, this isn't right. I'm not on Voyager, I'm Chief of Operations on DS9!
DOCTOR: We just rescued you from an alternate universe where you were stationed on Deep Space Nine. You may be a little bit disoriented.

KIM: The Delaney sisters actually still believe we're brothers!
PARIS: I told you, go after the blue shirts. Big brains, no common sense.

SEVEN: So that's what happened. The real Naomi is dead, and you were brought over from an alternate version of Voyager.
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