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Re: Worst lines of dialogue in the entire series?


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Miramanee: "I thought you no longer had the dreams, that you no longer saw the strange lodge which moves through the sky."
Underrated and hilarious.
Not a dialogue line, but I was always amused that she couldn't figure out why his shirt had no lacing, apparently unfamiliar with stretch fabrics, then later she puts an elastic headband on him.

It's not about stretch fabric - the TOS tunics didn't stretch and weren't pulled on and off over the actors' heads.

The conceit was that the clothing opened in some high tech "magic" fashion. In fact there were invisible zippers in the shoulders.

After Miramanee expresses her puzzlement Kirk reaches up and (apparently) causes the seam of his tunic to just open from the neck down the shoulder seam to the side.
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