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Re: Worst lines of dialogue in the entire series?

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The one I hate the most is from "The Cage", when Pike, exasperated over his flustering yeoman, says "I can't get used to having a woman on the bridge..." then looks over at Number One, "You're different of course, Number One."

I understand the historical and cultural context, and GR might have even thought he was being progressive about pointing out the woman on the bridge...but in the 23rd century, that would be something new and remarkable? That just seems anachronistic even for 1964. And condescending. And it's not as though she was being incompetent, she was just...nervous, like any young officer on the bridge of a starship might be when it was clearly her first assignment. I don't know, it just always bugged me.

Well these 'horrifically offensive" lines, drafted by those equally offensive writers, are part of the STAR TREK scripts for a reason.

Obviously a man as illuminated as Roddenberry (and the individual writers) just might have been bright enough to understand that

"even in the mysogynistic-lauding mid-1960's of the stone-age", these lines would be deemed offensive to many - as the so-called "Women's Movement" was already well underway in MANY kitchens across America WAY BEFORE STAR TREK aired.

Yep, that's right folks.

And Gloria Stienum's first entered the public consciousness through her mass-media article,.... happened back in,.. are you ready?


That's right, 1963,... a 3 full years before 'The Man Trap' would air.

So why would these intelligent men, leave these offensive lines in?

Were the writers just "stupid"? - some like to think so.

Or, just that naturally mysogynistic, being from that era, and all.

Or, both?

If STAR TREK is "supposed" represent a PROJECTED future of "an advanced culture", exploring space in the 23rd Century - which it was never intended to be -

- surely SOMEONE, ANYONE INVOLVED with the show should have had the mental capacity to PROJECT that upon syndication - meaning in this case: As viewed by future generations - that the dialog cited above, would be deemed even more offensive as time went by.

So, obviously ALL the "potentially offensive dialog which may not meet Broadcast Standards" was written-in for a very specific reason.

Granted, the lines like the one about NUMBER ONE, would pass muster in those days - Check out some Dick Van Dyke shows, now here is Accepted Sexism! - but do not kid yourself that those STAR TREK scripts were not Censored with a fine tooth comb.

But the line was written to TELL you something,.. and it isn't "Sexism is Bad" or "Sexism is Accepted".

Number One was written into to the format as a tool to tell you something,.. and is NOT that "In the future Women and Men will have sex equality",.. again those are the cover stories.

The Censors who totally controlled, and often dictated, the OUTWARD content of "Broadcast Programming" would not allow the REAL story - being the one which is not to be told - to be told,...

Which meant the writes had to work twice as hard to "tell the real story of mankind's future" - hidden within the story: Captain Womanizer battles the Alien Rubber Monster, because they had _______, and that's bad for everyone."

So the writers had to find another way to try to get you to pay attention to the details,... and not the blinky lights and overly-obvious "Moral Lesson" of _______ is bad.

And don't watch the Rubber Monster, he is really just there to distract you - why?, so the writers could hide the real message in the background - while the Censors worried about if the "Average TV viewer" might find the monsters 'Cod piece' obscene, and not stay tuned for the Kellogg's commercial.

The answers - and more - are there,........ you just have to not buy into the "oh well it was the 60's" and _____ism was accepted then" thing,....... and ask yourself, what would they be trying to really say to me by leaving this in the script.

Those are the first places you want to go looking for the truth.

And no,.. NUMBER ONE is NOT there to show you how 'progessive' Roddenberry was trying to be,... that's how it was SOLD,.. that's what they wanted the media to think - which is why the scene seems offensive "in even in its day"

Again, that explanation is the PR cover story,.. and not meant for you.

She is there to illustrate something else - something the Censors would not allow you to be told by the writers.

THAT IS WHY: It makes no sense to say: Look how progressive my show is, we have a woman as 2nd in command because we have sex equality",... then turn around and slap her on the tushy.

No. no. no,... THINK IT THROUGH.

Or,... just figure Roddenberry, et al, were just a bunch of stone-age brutes who could type.

I hope you'll choose the former, and think it through.
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