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Re: Ashes of Eden before Return?

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I loved the starship Monitor in the book, especially when it flew inside a Romulan Warbird and blew it apart from the inside.
Yeah, that was cool!

I really liked The Ashes Of Eden, gave Kirk and company one last big "hurrah" before his "death" in STG.
The Return: Michael Bay doing Star Trek, enough said. (All the action), but it was still a good and interesting read.
Avenger: A more character-driven entry that dealt with chemical warfare. Of course, it still had a lot of hero worship, but it was enjoyable.
Spectre: One of the best of the ShatVerse novels. The Mirror Voyager infiltrating this universe was a clever plot device.
Dark Victory was pretty meh; it felt more like an overlong prologue to Preserver. Now, Preserver wasn't too bad, but I did find Tiberius' change at heart to be a little ridiculous. After hearing about how much of a butcher he was, it seemed uncharacteristic.

I've not read Captain's Peril yet and I barely remember Blood or Glory, though I don't think I really enjoyed either of them.
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