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Re: Fringe Series Finale (Discussion, Spoilers)

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It was part of the plan.

Yeah, and people wonder why I don' enjoy the show as much as before.

Nor did we find out why the Baldies decided to invade in 2015. Any show will always have some loose ends.

Lord knows Lost set the record for bringing things up and never properly following up on them.

They almost answered the 2015 question, the original 12 were set back to look for certain things, and it turns out that 2015 we would have reached a good point to invade.

Still doesn't make any sense to why bother invading.
Yeah I'm still not getting why they invaded in the first place. It's problematics that they were never given an objective.

Plus I must admit that I'm definitely not understanding how time travel works on this show at all.

While 8 can accept that time travel is always an unknown quantity, in any fiction it should have rules. On Fringe there are no apparent rules.

How can Walter and Michael alter history by going to the future of an already altered timeline? Back to the Future showed the flaw in this logic back in 1989.

On the one hand we are told to accept that history can be changed. Yet conversely it must be fixed since the observers managed to invade and fundamentally change the world without altering their own existence.

Plus there is that unexplained incident where Walter and co turned an observer wormhole into a black hole yet it changed nothing.

What would have made more sense would have been if they had shown that the observers were indeed from the future, just not our future. They could have been from the future of the other side. That would have explained why they did not invade over there. They were protecting their own timeline. On top of almost makes sense that the observers would have originated over there. That world was much more technically advanced and as actively putting fringe science to use. Plus they had a version of Walter whose inventiveness, ambition and curiosity ultimately went unchecked. It seems reasonable that such a world where a Walter who was whole...might head down a dark path that leads to the Observers. From a dramatic perspective it would have tied Walters fear of his dark side and healing mind to the destruction around him.

Plus having the observers be from the future of the other side would have tied nicely to the central role that the parallel universe played in earlier seasons. As it stands season 5 feels divorced from everything that happened earlier.
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