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Enterprise "Flight Deck Officer" Certificate

Digging through my basement this evening, I found an old USS Enterprise "Flight Deck Officer" Certificate. These were, no doubt, sold by the ream back in the 1970s, probably by Lincoln Enterprises.

I'm particuarly wondering about the signatures. They are signatures, one of "Gene Roddenberry" and the other of "James Kirk." What I'm wondering is, are they were they signed by a real person or autopen? If if they were signed by a flesh and blood person, who was it? I'm sure it wasn't Gene R signing these things and I'm damned positive Shatner wasn't hanging around signing as Kirk.

I know this is not the earliest form of these certificate, but they are nice. This one is printed on parchment-like paper, with a real sticker and ribbon. It's blank, which also is nice.

Can anyone fill me on on these?

(Sorry - can't post a pic now, but will do so ASAP)
Jeff Brown
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