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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

So, just finished Brinkmanship. A fairly quick read, and pretty enjoyable, if eminently frustrating, as I'm sure was the point. I haven't read Una's other novels yet, just The Lotus Flower novella, which I truly did enjoy back when it came out. I'll put Hollow Men and The Never-Ending Sacrifice on the "to read" list.

The anthropological perspective in this book was quite fascinating, and made me appreciate the characterization of the Tzenkethi in the novelverse more than I previously had. Let me reiterate, just to forestall any possible argument, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the Pocket Books concept of the Tzenkethi. It's just not how I had been mentally picturing them in the years since "The Adversary," so it's something to which I've had to adjust.

The Venetans, on the other hand, I like, quite a lot. It's also the first novel I've read with Glinn Dygan. I like him a lot, too.

Now... should I start The Rings of Time, or Persistence of Memory?
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