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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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That's not how I read this dialogue. Geordi has merely found a way to make more efficient use of the available matter and antimatter supplies, thus allowing to make extended use of what's available.
So more efficient is to use more of it in the same span of time? "The system should be able to accept more reactants at a faster rate of injection." That just means burn more fuel. If they have a fixed gas tank, they'll use it up faster. However, the opposite is occurring as they are able to refill it faster than it is being drained by the booby trap. But, if that's where you're going with it, we'll just have to disagree

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I think there is a high probability that "drained" or "discharged" crystals are merely colloquialisms. To an ordinary person it may seem that the crystals' high output is because of a discharge while in fact it's merely the amplification of energy channeled into the crystal (though that would tell us a lot about the amplifying capabilities of these crystals. Wow! )
Hmm, if it were strictly amplifying energy instead of buffering and discharging how do you explain situations where the crystals become discharged and they are able recharge it again?

Or more specifically, if there is a constant flow of energy going into the crystal, the crystal should always amplify a constant output of energy. But we see instead that it takes time to recharge the crystals ("building up power", "re-energising", "re-amplifying") once discharged. If a constant flow of energy is going into a crystal they should never have a discharged state, you know?
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