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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Anon 7.
B is for Benjamin Finney.
C is for Carol Marcus.
D is for David Marcus.
E is for Elizabeth Dehner.
F is for Frank, one of the senior guards in Sanctuary District A in September, 2024.
G is for Gary Mitchell.
H is for Henry Archer, father of Jonathan.
I is for Isabella, Clara Sutter's imaginary friend.
J is for Jack of Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania. He desperately wanted to go to college.
L is for Leandra Soran, the late wife of Tolian. She was killed by the Borg in the 23rd century.
M is for Morn.
N is for Nerys. Kira Nerys. Hottest Bajoran major and colonel this side of the Wormhole.
O is for O'Brien. Miles Edward O'Brien.
P is for Paris, Tom.
Q is for Quelling an Uprising. The Mirror James Kirk did this to the Gorlans. With extreme prejudice.
R is for Reach. Spock does.
S is for Spock's eyebrow. It never fails to give a lift to officers' spirits.
T is for T'Pol. Hate for her to leave but love to see her go. Nicest bum in the Alpha Quadrant.
U is for Universal Translator. Why all the aliens in Star Trek speak English.
V is for Vaal. It's hungry.
W is for West. Colonel West. Co-conspirator against Gorkon and the Khitomer Peace Conference.
X is for Xindi Xylophonist.
Y is for Young. After Spock's death Kirk felt....young.
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