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Re: Recommend a good RPG?

You see all this fretting about obsolence and consoles is part of the reason I've always been content with PCs. Sure, you need to upgrade computers as well, but you're never in a position where you feel you can't get any games for the PC. I could get a top of the line computer tomorrow and I'd have a full library of games the moment I did so, because they'd be the same games. I've been in situations where I can barely run a game on an old computer, get a new one, and then have the satisfaction of that game running on maximum settings.

Well, that and realistically there's no other platform better for a good strategy game (Crusader Kings 2 would be sort of unthinkable with a controller).

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Basically. Drew Karphyshyn didn't seem to quite get what the Exile's hole in the force was about, to be honest.
He's not alone in that regard. Hell, I don't think the writers of that game knew what it was about.
Oh they did. Avellone's given some interesting responses about it over the years.
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