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Re: Seasoning Season 8

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Honestly, I would have done Generations about 1/3 of the way through, then done part of the season with the crew without the Enterprise. Do mini arcs with them stationed on other ships or stations. Send Geordi and Data, perhaps, to work on the construction of the E and include Leah Brahms. At this point, change the opening titles as well to look similar to DS9, but with the E in various stages of construction each week. Wind up the season with a finale involving the launch of the E and her first shakedown cruise. Make that one the series finale, leading up to the first movie: First Contact.
This would have been epic! I like the ideas of Picard and Riker finally being promoted, as well as a full-blown DS9 crossover. TBH that was a bit of a wasted opprtunity, but it's been done in the comics.
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