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Count Zero wrote: View Post
I didn't have access to the board yesterday because I can't log in here on my phone for some reason.

When I saw the thread title I cheered a little, to be honest. Maybe we only had that conversation in my head, J. but I seem to remember me poking you a little for the discrepancy between your love for animals and eating meat. I found myself in a similar contradictory position for years because I did have ethical concerns but kept pushing them away out of convenience and because I believed I could never give up meat because I loved eating it.
But when I tried to cut back on it massively and only eat it when I really felt like it or on special occasions almost ten years ago (holy fuck, time flies) I found it was easy and became vegetarian 'by accident'.
Anyway, I'm always happy to hear about someone taking the same step, especially if it's someone I like.
I seem to vaguely recall that conversation. Yeah, it was only a matter of time before I stopped eating meat entirely. I've never been very big on eating meat, and once I rationalized with myself that eating a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains, and not requiring an animal to become my dinner, just to feed me, I knew I could take the step.

Now, I mentioned it before, but I don't have a problem with other folks eating meat, just that for me it's not wanted (just in case someone thinks I'm judging them for what they eat).

Yeah, it was the same for me. I felt so much more energetic almost immediately which made me really regret that I hadn't done it sooner. Unfortunately, you get kind of used to the feeling.
I'm glad to hear that your new diet works so well for your health. That's really great.
Thanks, CZ.

I have but I can't remember what it was like. (Don't take that as a verdict about the stuff, though.)
That pomegranate tabbouleh looks really delicious and reminds me that I should really eat healthier. But I'm usually too lazy to cook/prepare something fancy just for myself so I stick with a limited range of meals I like. Oh well.
I know what you mean. I have two favorite dishes right now. The first is a salad of dark kidney beans, romaine lettuce, minced onion, pepper. The second is grilled roma tomatoes with black pepper, sea salt, and parmesan cheese melted on top, over a bed of lettuce.

Gary7 wrote: View Post
Hey, I have a bean question. When you buy dried beans and lentils, it seems like they need to soak for a long time before they're usable. Like 4-6 hours minimum. Is there any maximum? Can I keep a bunch of beans sealed up with water in a jar in my refrigerator, ready to be used at a moment's notice? Or would they deteriorate into a soggy mess before too long?
From what my mom tells me (she's a bean queen), you can store them in salt water for a day or two (she recommends soaking in salt water anyway as it prevents the beans from splitting open while you cook), but if you wait too long, they'll start to go bad. You have to keep beans dry for proper storage, as moisture will make them rot.

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