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Re: American Comedy Vs. British Comedy "TV"

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how come americans don't do panel shows? they're missing out.
Like Have I Got News For You? I've wondered this myself, but I'm guessing the reason is because those shows wouldn't be able to get anything beyond B-, C- and D-list guests since the A-list crowd is clearly too good/busy/much of a moron/coked up to appear on a silly panel show.
That and a good portion of Hollywood isn't open-minded. Watch Mock the Week and they trash everyone in politics. The Tories, Labour and the Lib Dems are not safe, whereas (I don't intend for this to spark any kind of debate) if you tried an American Mock the Week, it would be incredibly one-sided and it would be 95% trashing the Republican Party.
While still one-sided but to the right, there is a odd duck panel show on Fox News called Red Eye but it only airs at 3AM(!) on weeknights.
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