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Re: Best Star Trek games ever: 25th Anniversary, Judgement Rites

One classic I forgot to mention is EGA Trek - the uncensored version - probably in the top three.

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25th Anniversary wasn't totally immune to veering away from exploration/awe (final boss fight, I'm looking at you). But yeah, those two are probably the best two Trek games to date.

I'm surprised to see Klingon Honor Guard make the list - my impression was that it was a pure action game like Elite Force (just not as good).
It is - but it feels a lot more like Star Trek than Elite Force, which was just Quake 3 on Voyager

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Kind of wished Armada, Bridge Commander or one of the Starfleet Command's made it in that list. I disagree that they didn't feel so much like Star Trek. Yes, they were combat oriented, but still fell exceptionally well into the universe, IMHO and highly customizable with total conversion mods to increase overall playability.
Meh, Armada - a lot of people seem to like it, but it was never really very Trek-like.

On the other hand, you actually feel like you are in a Star Trek episode playing 25th Anniversary, Judgement Rites and A Final Unity - you can scan anything, or look at anything in the game, right down to light fittings, and Spock/McCoy, etc, give a response - hell, even Generations, which might be considered a weak game, drew me in because it felt very interactive and true to Star Trek.

Then, in the case of Klingon Academy, it's like the game was The Undiscovered Country, from the Klingon side - even David Warner, Michael Dorn and Christopher plumber came back - hours of live acting, and the feel that you are genuinely in the Klingon space navy.
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